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Galina Blue Badge Guide

Galina Mladenova

Blue Badge Tour Guide

Unveiling London’s Tapestry Through Time

Tour Guide Top Tips: Navigating London Like a Pro

  1. Plan Wisely: Your itinerary is the backbone of your visit. Prioritize your interests and choose the best places and activities to match them. Contact Let me show you London for free itinerary planning!
  2. Wander the Streets: After sightseeing, immerse yourself in London’s vibe. Get lost and find your way again, becoming part of the city’s rhythm.
  3. Tea Lovers’ Delight: Don’t miss afternoon tea—tradition and enjoyment combined.

About Me: A Journey of Passion and Dreams Greetings, curious explorers! I’m Galina, your seasoned guide on a journey through London’s history and wonders. With a decade of guiding experience and a master’s degree in Geography, Recreation, and Tourism Management, guiding is more than a job—it’s my passion and lifelong dream. Born in Bulgaria, I’ve embraced London for 23 years, and it’s in exploring its diverse tapestry that I find joy every day.

Credentials: Guiding with Distinction Hold on to your hats—I come bearing the coveted Blue Badge and am a proud member of the Institute of Tourist Guiding. Professionalism and a treasure trove of knowledge are guaranteed on every tour.

A Decade in the City: Navigating the Past and Present Over the past 10 years, I’ve guided countless adventurers through the heart of London. Each tour is a journey through time, blending history with the vibrant cultural mosaic that defines this metropolis.

London’s Essence: A Unique Fusion What makes London special? It’s a unique fusion—cosmopolitan vibes mixed with the traditional British spirit. A city with something for everyone, it enlightens and connects you with both the past and the future.

Journey Through Tears and Joy: Memorable Moments Imagine witnessing tears of joy from a guest at the Tower of London, fulfilling her dream after 50 years. Or a little girl asking me to be her history teacher—her warm smile melted my heart. These moments are the heartbeat of my guiding journey.


A Historian’s Delight: Unraveling London’s Past Delving into history is my forte. Museums, castles, churches, palaces—I’m your guide through London’s extensive past. No need for a time machine when you have London at your fingertips!

Languages: Bridging Cultures Seamlessly Fluent in English and Bulgarian, I ensure a seamless experience for visitors from diverse backgrounds. Let’s bridge cultures through the universal language of exploration.

Connecting Through Sparkles: Customer Interaction Interacting with tourists isn’t just a job—it’s a joy. Seeing that sparkle in your eyes during the tour is my ultimate reward. Join me in connecting with London’s beauty and history.

Favourite Spots: London’s Gems Through My Eyes While every inch of London holds charm, favorites include the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s Cathedral, Royal Parks, Thames Path, Canary Wharf, and hidden gems like St Catherine’s Docks and rooftop gardens.

Beyond the Streets: My Personal Canvas Beyond cobbled streets, I cherish family time, delve into history, explore castles and gardens, enjoy countryside walks, and savour the art of cooking.

Fun Facts: The Lighter Side of Galina

  • I’m a happiness spreader, lighting up museums and parks for my customers 
  • Once a teacher, always a guide.
  • Ever thought of a jogging tour in London? I’m up for it—let’s make it happen!


Galina guiding at the Tower of London

Why should you book a tour with our Blue Badge Guides?

  • All of our Guides are Blue Badge holders, this is Britain’s highest professional tourist-guiding qualification, they are the only external guides able to show you around the most famous attractions.
  • Blue Badge guides are carefully selected for an intensive 2 year course culminating in an extensive series of exams in all aspects of History, Art, Architecture, Contemporary Britain and much more
  • Your time on holiday is precious, let our expert team make it memorable for all the right reasons
  • We pride ourselves on being able to tailor tours to your interest, our guides strive to bring your tour to life, making it enjoyable for all ages