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Lucy Adey-Compton

Blue Badge Tour Guide

Lucy's London Chronicle: Guiding Through Time with a Personal Touch

Surviving London: Lucy’s Tips for Explorers

  1. Weather-Ready: London’s weather is unpredictable, so dress in layers.
  2. Stroll Through History: Lucy swears by exploring on foot to discover hidden treasures and burn off those fish and chips calories!
  3. Eyes to the Sky: Don’t forget to look up—London’s skyline tells its own historical tale.

Lucy’s Journey: Digging Up Stories to Guide You Meet Lucy, your guide with a passion for storytelling and a background in Archaeology. From digging up ancient tales to guiding you through the streets of London, Lucy brings history to life with a personal touch.

A Decade and a Half of Lucy’s London Wisdom Lucy isn’t just a guide; she’s your friendly London expert with 15 years of uncovering the city’s hidden gems and sharing fascinating stories.

Why Lucy Loves London: It’s a Thrill for Everyone To Lucy, London is like a thrilling adventure ride, offering something for everyone. Guiding is not just a job; it’s the best way for Lucy to showcase the city’s excitement.

Lucy’s Highlight Reel: Moments That Make History Imagine being there after the Queen passed away, our new King took the stage, and Lucy ensured her guests had front-row seats!  “We just witnessed history,” they exclaimed, after watching the new King and Queen drive out of Clarence House capturing a truly unforgettable moment.

Lucy’s Expertise: Unraveling Time’s Mysteries Lucy’s guiding style spans various historical periods, with a soft spot for ‘firsts’ and the occasional dinosaur tale. History comes alive under Lucy’s guidance.

Connecting in English: Lucy’s Linguistic Thread Fluent in English, Lucy seamlessly connects with visitors from around the world, making every tour feel like a friendly chat filled with cultural exchange.

Off the Beaten Path: Lucy’s Favorite Haunts Beyond the iconic landmarks, Lucy loves exploring London’s hidden backstreets and gems, offering you an authentic and adventurous experience.

Beyond Guiding: Lucy’s Personal Canvas When Lucy isn’t guiding, she enjoys downtime with dogs, digs into historical recipes, and captures moments as an amateur photographer.

Lucy’s Fun Flair: More Than Just Facts Did you know Lucy can read tarot cards? Join Lucy for a tour that’s not just history—it’s a personalized journey through London with your knowledgeable and fun companion.

Tour guide explains the history of the tower of london

Why should you book a tour with our Blue Badge Guides?

  • All of our Guides are Blue Badge holders, this is Britain’s highest professional tourist-guiding qualification, they are the only external guides able to show you around the most famous attractions.
  • Blue Badge guides are carefully selected for an intensive 2 year course culminating in an extensive series of exams in all aspects of History, Art, Architecture, Contemporary Britain and much more
  • Your time on holiday is precious, let our expert team make it memorable for all the right reasons
  • We pride ourselves on being able to tailor tours to your interest, our guides strive to bring your tour to life, making it enjoyable for all ages