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Marina Pechiborshch Blue badge Guide

Marina Pechiborshch

Blue Badge Tour Guide

Marina's London Chronicle: Navigating History and Culture with a Local Enthusiast

Marina’s London Quick Tips: Enhancing Your Visit

  1. Explore Royal Greenery: Visit London’s Eight Royal Parks

    • Don’t miss St James, The Green, Hyde, Regents, Richmond, Bushy, Greenwich Park, and Kensington Gardens—once royal hunting grounds, now beloved green havens.
  2. Riverside Adventure: Boat Trip to Greenwich

    • Take a scenic boat trip to Greenwich for stunning views, including Tower Bridge. The Thames shapes London’s past, offering a historic journey to attractions like the Meridian Line, Royal Observatory, Maritime Museum, Queen’s House, and Cutty Sark.
  3. Cultural Break: V&A Museum’s Historic Café

    • Dive into V&A Museum’s wonders and relax at its historic café—the world’s oldest museum restaurant. Experience art, history, and a quick cuppa in this cultural retreat.

From Russia to London: Crafting Stories through Linguistic Lens Embarking on a journey from Saint-Petersburg to London, Marina blends linguistic expertise with a love for cross-cultural communication. A student guide in Russia laid the foundation, paving the way for Marina’s licensed guiding adventures in the vibrant heart of London.

7 Years Unveiling London’s Secrets: Marina’s Guiding Odyssey In Marina’s hands, guiding becomes an art—an immersive experience weaving together 7 years of exploring London’s rich history and cultural tapestry.

London’s Unending Wonders: The Magic of Unexpected History For Marina, London is a perpetual surprise, with history seeping into the most unexpected places. From local shops to doctor’s surgeries, every corner echoes the city’s past. Central London, a fusion of old and new, captivates Marina, affirming Dr Johnson’s sentiment, “If you are tired of London, you are tired of life.”

Tower Tales: Marina’s Affection for London’s Iconic Landmark The Tower of London holds Marina’s heart, a symbol of England’s story for nearly a millennium. Here, Marina unravels tales that transcend time, offering visitors a glimpse into the essence of the nation.

Bridging Cultures: Marina’s Linguistic Symphony in English and Russian Fluent in English and Russian, Marina transforms language into a cultural bridge, enriching each tour with a global perspective.


Creating Memories: Marina’s Art of Interaction Interacting with clients is a privilege for Marina, who understands the significance of holiday memories. Crafting a relaxed ambience and encouraging engagement, Marina finds fulfilment in the smiles that grace the end of each day.

Hidden Gems and Must-Visit Spots: Marina’s London Picks From the South Bank to Borough Market, St. Katherine’s Dock to the British Museum, Marina reveals the gems that define London’s allure.

Fun Facts: Marina’s Quirky Side Unveiling Marina’s quirky side, discover a badminton ace, a crochet virtuoso, a history buff, and a tea connoisseur. Join Marina for a journey that transcends mere history, a vibrant exploration of London’s tapestry through the eyes of a passionate local enthusiast.

Marina guiding in Westminster Abbey

Why should you book a tour with our Blue Badge Guides?

  • All of our Guides are Blue Badge holders, this is Britain’s highest professional tourist-guiding qualification, they are the only external guides able to show you around the most famous attractions.
  • Blue Badge guides are carefully selected for an intensive 2 year course culminating in an extensive series of exams in all aspects of History, Art, Architecture, Contemporary Britain and much more
  • Your time on holiday is precious, let our expert team make it memorable for all the right reasons
  • We pride ourselves on being able to tailor tours to your interest, our guides strive to bring your tour to life, making it enjoyable for all ages