British Museum Highlights

  • DAILY AT 10:00AM, 2:00PM

  • 2.5 HOURS

Once inside you're treated to a spectacular view of the Great Court, a perfect opportunity to take some family pictures. The ground floor of the museum offers several galleries to be explored. The tour normally starts in the Egyptian gallery with your chance to admire the famous Rosetta Stone. Can you see how the word “cat” is written in hieroglyphics?

From Egypt it's not far to Assyria, another vast empire. Here, Kings had winged bulls guarding their city and entertained themselves and their guests by hunting lions. Who wins in a battle between Human King and Animal King? Next, we make our way to Athenian artefacts. Are the Acropolis and the Parthenon one and the same? Let’s find out when exploring the Duveen galleries, currently home to the magnificent Elgin Marbles.

After we've made our way around the ground floor, there's time for a quick comfort/refreshment break, before returning back to Egypt. The mummies are waiting upstairs! Here's your chance to compare two different styles of mummification, then try to find the mummy of an Ibis, a baboon or a young woman.

It’s not all about overseas cultures here either, as Britain too has much to offer, such as the Sutton Hoo treasure. Staying local, we remember the great Roman influence on these isles. What did the Romans do for us? Brilliant builders, amazing engineers and wonderful artists, the Roman galleries show us how advanced their culture was.

Not tired yet? From ancient empires and cultures we move to more modern times. Guess how many tablets the average human being consumes during their life, then see them laid out in front of you. The tour ends back at the Great Court, giving you the chance to take a seat and reflect on your incredible tour through time.


Tour Information

  • Brilliant overview of what can be an overwhelming collection

  • Great indoor activity for bad weather

  • Perfect for children and adults alike

  • Guaranteed to avoid long lines

  • Private Tour

British Museum Highlights Tour

Tour Starting point:

51 Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3DG


Your Guide will meet you at the main Museum gates, next to the phone box opposite the Museum Tavern. Your Guide will be holding a sign showing the lead customer name.

By prior arrangement, your guide can meet you at your central London hotel.

Extra info:

Objects and artefacts are sometimes removed from display, your guide may adapt the tour make the most of the current displays.