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When is a Good Time to Visit London?

Since London is one of the jewels of the world, the quickest and most correct answer to this question is IMMEDIATELY!  However, each season in London has something different to offer, with different sights and events to enjoy every month. In this post we want to tell you about London during different times of the year so that you can decide when the best time to visit London is for you. 

Visiting London in Spring (March – May)

Bluebell Woods, Spring, Epping Forest / Image Source / License

Spring in the UK is particularly beautiful. The spring flowers are blooming, the days are getting longer and there is a fresh brightness to the air. The temperature is crisp, rather than cold and there are plenty of spring showers, and a hopeful sense of rebirth permeating the country. This is the best time to explore the parks, commons, gardens, city farms and nature reserves of London. Yes, you read that correctly, nature reserves! London is a city blessed with an abundance of green spaces and whilst you can enjoy these spaces all year round, spring is a special time of year. 

Of all the gardens in London, Kew Gardens is perhaps the most famous, but we also have a special fondness for Hampton Court Palace Gardens. Better yet, in May the annual Chelsea Flower Show is held, although tickets to this event are much coveted and sell out well in advance. 

If you prefer your nature a bit more wild you could explore the Queen’s Wood, Epping Forest or Selsdon Wood Nature Reserve. In fact London has more natural areas to explore than you’ll have time for. 
If you prefer to stick to the city proper, however, then spring is an excellent time of year to enjoy our Panoramic Walking Tour of London. Beginning at Westminster Abbey, the tour takes you through some of the most beautiful sights London has to offer and combines the architectural grandeur of the city with its green spaces. A perfect London day out!

Summer in London (June – August)

Serpentine, Hyde Park

Summer in London is vibrant. As the days stretch out and the heat sets in, you’ll find the pace of the city changes, becoming less rushed and more celebratory. The city hosts a multitude of music festivals, the parks are packed with sunbathers and entertainers, street food and beer gardens abound; plays are performed in open air theatres like The Globe, and everyone seems to be out and about. 

You may wish to escape the heat in the middle of the day, and what better way to spend your time than to enjoy the cool air and cultural exhibits of some of London’s finest galleries and museums? If you take our National Gallery Tour you’re sure to see some of Europe’s finest artworks and our British Museum Tour will take you on a journey through world history with an emphasis on Britain’s role in it. 

Come evening, you’ll be ready to get back to the hustle and bustle of London’s streets. 

Autumn in London (September – November) 

Autumn in London/ Image Source / License

As the summer crowds leave the city, London settles into the cosiness of early evenings, autumn colours, and cooler weather. Whilst not cold, it’s nice to bundle up in a scarf and explore the city, so if you can’t make it to London in spring, this is another great season to take advantage of a walking tour in London.

With Halloween on the horizon, it is also the perfect season to visit the Tower of London (perhaps on our Tower of London Tour), with its bloody tower, torture chamber, and mystical ravens guarding both the tower and Britain herself! And if you aren’t interested in the darker side of the tower, there’s plenty more here to explore from the crown jewels to the armoury and interactive exhibits. 

If Halloween is your favourite time of year, then London is a great place to spend it. There are ghost tours aplenty and the London Dungeon usually puts on a special Halloween show. You can visit some of London’s gorgeous cemeteries and enjoy the pumpkin displays in Covent Garden. 

And if you are looking for something a little less spooky to enjoy, then look out for the Totally Thames festival in September – an event that sees art installations, free exhibits, and live performances all along the great London river. 

Winter in London (December – February)

Christmas in London / Image Source / License

London never gets truly cold but it can still be a bit nippy in the winter, so if you visit in winter time be sure to bring some warm clothes! 

Winter shows yet another beautiful side to London as the Christmas lights and decorations go up and festivities begin. There are plenty of Christmas markets to visit, so grab a mulled wine and wander down the fairy-lit streets of this magical city. The churches usually have special seasonal displays and services, so now is a great opportunity to check out our Westminster Abbey Tour

If you come over for New Year, then don’t miss the London fireworks display and, come January, you can enjoy the excellent post-Christmas sales. London is one of the fashion capitals of the world after all! 

The added benefit of visiting London in the winter season is that it’s generally less busy. The crowds tend to come with the heat, so if there are particular things you want to check out and you want to make sure you can get a ticket, winter is the perfect season for you. 

So there you have it. London in all its glory in every season! If any of our tours caught your fancy, or if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us. It’s time for you to explore London!  

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